Sweetie Boxes in the UK And More: Last Minute Gift Ideas

It’s a common occurrence to realise there’s someone’s birthday around the corner and you’ve completely forgotten to get them a gift. Worry not, because this extensive guide will tell you everything you need to know about finding the perfect present no matter the occasion.

When might you need to get a last minute gift?

Throughout your life, there’s likely to be several instances where you might need to purchase a last minute gift. Occasions could include:

● Birthdays

● Christmas

● Valentine’s Day

● Anniversaries

● Weddings

● Bereavement

● Moving house

● Starting a new job

● Secret Santa

● Baby shower

● Comforting a friend after a breakup

● Just for the fun of it

Top last minute gift ideas: under £15

These low-budget last minute gift ideas are the perfect solution for any forgotten birthday or special occasion.

A flower bouquet

Flowers are the ideal gift for any occasion. Whether you want to surprise a loved one or celebrate a milestone birthday, a bouquet is a thoughtful gift that is bound to brighten anyone’s day.


Candles are an easy, inexpensive and tasteful gift if you’re looking to cut down on your costs. With beautiful containers and luscious scents, they’re destined to be a safe bet.

A bottle of wine

Sometimes, it really is that simple. A bottle of wine is a quick fix if you’re rushing to a party or gathering and don’t have time to search for another gift - just make sure the person who receives it is not a non-drinker.


For anyone with a vested interest in wellness and spirituality, crystals make a lovely gift with a deeper meaning. Clear quartz is an excellent all-purpose stone, said to energise your mind, body, and spirit, while agate can be the perfect offering for someone going through a difficult time. Whatever you opt for, this idea will let your loved one know you’re thinking of them.

A gift voucher for their favourite restaurant

You might not be able to take your friend or family member out for a meal, especially if you’re busy or live far away. A restaurant gift voucher is a great alternative to treating someone to a delicious meal - better still, the recipient can choose a meal they’ve been craving rather than you making a decision for them.

A houseplant

Whether you’re seeking a cheap housewarming gift or simply want to cheer someone up, a houseplant is a great gift that will spruce up any interior.

Tickets for an art class

If you’re purchasing a gift for someone with a creative side, tickets for a local art class could be the perfect choice. From life drawing to sewing, there’s a plethora of options to choose from.

Top last minute gifts ideas: £15-£30

If you’re looking for gifts in the medium price range, check out this compilation of goodies:

A book or book voucher

Giving someone a book you’ve really enjoyed or selecting a novel you think they’ll like is always a thoughtful idea. Alternatively if you’d like to give them the option to choose a novel themselves, a book voucher is a guaranteed way to get someone a gift they actually want.

Wine glasses

Especially appropriate for a moving house gift, a new set of wine glasses is normally destined to go down a treat.

Bath and body products

Spoil someone with some luxury bath and body products. From magical bath bombs to indulgent body washes, this is a certified way to help anyone look and smell amazing.

A journal

A journal is a personal gift that can be treasured for a long time. With many different sleeve design options available, you’ll be able to select a charming customised notebook that someone will be able to use as they wish.


Giving someone jewellery as a present can be rather hit or miss - so you’ll want to make sure you’ve got this one right. Study what they already wear and get an idea of their style before making a purchase.

A salt lamp

Salt lamps add a cosy glow to any room, and are actually less expensive than you might expect. Available in a range of styles and sizes, these lights could make a perfect housewarming gift.

An art print or photo canvas

If your friend or family member is moving house, an art print could add a decorative touch to their new home. Whether you decide on a classic artwork or canvas of a family photo, a statement piece is always set to go down a storm.

A hat

Whether you’re opting for a groovy bucket hat or a stylish beanie, a hat is a fun and functional gift that you can guarantee someone will actually use.

Makeup brushes

A convenient present for all the makeup enthusiasts out there, why not invest in a brand new set of makeup brushes for your glamorous friend or family member?

Top last minute gifts ideas: over £30

For more high-end options, check out our impressive recommendations below:

A speaker or smart device

If you’re considering opting for a more premium present, a speaker or smart device makes a great addition to the home.

A pyjama set

A cosy pyjama set is ideal for the colder months. Who wouldn’t want to spend their evenings snuggled in front of the telly in warm, patterned PJs?

A trip to the spa

Everyone needs a bit of TLC at times, so a spa voucher is the ideal gift to provide someone with a tranquil and indulgent experience.

A watch

If you’re hoping to select a gift that’s extra special, a watch is a great option. With a variety of colours and models available, you’re bound to find one that matches the recipient’s individual style.

A personalised virtual message from their favourite celebrity

For those with friends or family members obsessing over a certain celebrity, why not splash the cash on a personalised Cameo video message? From sports stars to famous actors, this app features literally everyone.

A holiday voucher

A holiday voucher is enough to save anyone from the winter blues.Whether you opt for a dreamy staycation or exciting adventure abroad, this last minute gift idea will definitely earn you some brownie points.

What gifts should I avoid?

When you have limited time to purchase a present for someone, it can be tempting to panic and make an unsuitable choice.

Here’s some gifts you should avoid:

Weights and exercise equipment

Regardless of whether you’re an exercise junkie, avoid giving someone weights or exercise equipment. This can send out the wrong message and even cause offence by insinuating someone needs to lose weight or get fitter.


While it may seem like a fun idea, it’s not wise to give someone a pet as a last minute gift. You should never get someone an animal they may not be able to take care of, as this is likely to cause many problems in the long run.


Even if you’re particularly tight on money, giving someone hand-me-downs as a last minute gift is never going to go down well. It indicates laziness and thoughtlessness - there are plenty of cheap alternatives so don’t be mistaken into thinking this is your only option.

Personal hygiene products

A guaranteed way to lose a friendship is giving gifts like toothbrushes, bottles of mouthwash, and razors. Anyone receiving these products can’t help but wonder if there is a hidden message or ulterior motive to this, and is not likely to accept these items with open arms.

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