What Are Britain’s Favourite Sweets? Insights from an Online Sweet Shop

Looking for a large selection of sweet treats for a party or gathering? Determining the most popular candy treats is a great place to start, so you can gather together a mouthwatering selection of the very best. And who better to guide you through some of the nation’s favourite sweets than an online supplier with over 100 varieties? Let Sugar Rush Sweeties guide you through some of the most widely recognised and loved sweets available for delivery to your very door - from American confectionary and unique sherbet fizzers to the retro childhood gummies you desire - mix and match, with a one-off or monthly order sure to give you maximum indulgence.

Satisfying A Sweet Tooth

We’ve all been there - a nonstop craving for something to satisfy your tastebuds. Be it an urge in the evening to get your hands on chocolate, or a mid-afternoon slump at work which requires a sugar rush, nobody is immune to the irresistible urge for a sweet treat. Satisfying your sweet tooth is easier said than done however, and hitting that perfect spot may take some trial and error.

Whereas some candy-lovers may be partial to a citrus-flavoured gummy sweet variety, others will likely prefer classic liquorice or fizzy and tangy shapes. Meeting the demands of a group can be especially tough, with one example being a get-together or event - just how can you ensure everyone is pleased with their sweets and treats? Variety is the answer. Let us take you through some of the best-loved gummy, chewy and chocolatey selections we stock, each available as part of a selection box - fun for everyone.

Gummy Animals

Some of the most well-known British sweets can come under this category, with children and adults alike enjoying the chew gummy texture, recognisable fruity flavours and moreish taste of this colourful confectionery. Gummy Bears are likely to be a familiar treat for most, coming as a standard sweet within many Haribo and classic sweet shop selections, with flavours including strawberry, apple, lemon and orange to name but a few. Just as scrummy are the Terrific Turtles, an assortment of foam-bellied gummy creatures flavoured with kiwi, lemon and apple!

Haribo’s plentiful supply of jelly animals seemingly never ends, and thankfully, jelly snakes are a welcome addition to their range too. Arriving in multiple flavour combinations, these wriggly reptiles are packed with juicy fruity flavourings - and come in either the classic Full-On Jelly or (our personal favourite) foamy Yellow-Belly varieties.

The Classics

Classic sweeties from our online store are exactly what they say on the tin - retro nostalgic treats, rebranded or repackaged with that signature delicious taste. Starting off, how could we possibly forget the ever-popular Rhubarb And Custard? Reinvented by Haribo but just as delightful, these distinctively flavoured little gems are certainly one for the older generation - though don’t be surprised if the little ones quickly become fans!

Strawberry Twist Kisses are another classic, often seen in the window displays of vintage-styled sweet shops, and favoured by those who enjoy the creamy-yet-soft exterior of a gummy sweet which is bursting with berry. Moving away from the gummy variety and entering fruity foamy territory, who could ever forget the Teeth And Toothbrush Selection? A creative and fun selection of bright-coloured sweeties synonymous with youth.

Fizzy Delights

Add some tang to your sweet treat collection with fizzy favourites in 2023 - we boast one of the largest collections of sweet-yet-sour candies available for local delivery - so take a look at our broad selection via the online store! Fizzy Watermelons are immediately recognisable, and though they may not be everyone’s cup of tea, if you love these contrastingly sugary-yet-tangy morsels, you’re sure to REALLY love them. Fizzy Dummies are another popular pick for those deciding to choose pick n mix varieties, bringing back a familiar feeling of childlike glee as you open up your bag or box to find flavours including raspberry, sour cherry, lime and more!

Last but by no means least, the mega-fizzy Cola Bottles are an absolute number one pick for many, merging the distinctive taste of the soft drink with a tongue-twistingly sour aftertaste. Make the most of our fizzy selection by stocking up on sour cola bottles sprinkled with the trademark sour kick - can you handle the tanginess?

Vegan Options

We like to include everyone at Sugar Rush Sweeties, which is why we have a dedicated website section and monthly subscription option for varied dietary requirements. Vegan options are perfect for those with a preference for ethically produced candies, but these picks certainly don’t compromise on flavour. Many of our tastiest selections are vegan, with Giant Strawbs an option for your unique variety box. Thirst-quenchingly juicy and with a distinctive fruity taste, sugar syrup gives these yummy sweets an irresistible quality. Funky Fruits are yet another fruit-based option when composing your dream treat box, and these cute miniature fruits all resemble their full-sized counterparts. From banana and apple to blackberry and strawberry, they’re all vegan, so you won’t need to keep an eye out for any undesired ingredients upon arrival.

Wanting something a bit more daring? Sour sweeties are welcome within the vegan selection, and few are more tangy than Sour Candy Shocks! A twist of fruit-base strands coated in a thick layer of sour candy, these bite-sized pieces are impossible to stop munching on once you’ve begun. You’ll recognise these popular candy bites thanks to their distinctive rainbow exterior.

Imported Favourites

Though imported favourites may originate from across the pond, this isn’t to say they aren’t a popular choice for candy-lovers in The UK. All of our imported goodies come straight from their country of origin, for that genuine authenticity and familiar flavourings. Fanta Jellies and Fizzy Pops are just a couple of items you can pick up and enjoy if you’ve never ventured into the world of North American confectionery - and we even have a few options for those searching for a savoury snack. Herr’s and Lay’s both supply potato chips in a number of flavours.

Sugar Rush Sweeties: Trust Us For Your Fizzy Sweet Box Delivery!

Dedicated to supplying the largest range of classic British sweets nationwide, at Sugar Rush Sweeties, the choice is yours! Whether you’re looking for imported American candies, retro favourites or an assorted mix of popular gummy delights - we’re the team to consult! Ideal for parties, special events and family gatherings, take your pick and select from over 100 varieties, all readily packed into a monthly box delivery or delivered to your doorstep as a one-off purchase. Filtered down to vegan, vegetarian,haribo starmix and standard options, all dietary requirements and preferences are welcome - you can even visit us in-person at our dedicated Garforth headquarters!

Online sweet shops make it a priority to keep up with the latest trends in the candy world, so you can order sweets from the comfort of your own home, and have them delivered straight to your door. What’s more, many online sweet shops offer subscription services, meaning that you only have to make one order and you’ll automatically receive a new box each month! Your sweets will arrive neatly packaged, adding that touch of luxury that you expect from a quality product and making plain paper bags a thing of the past. Any queries? Don’t hesitate to contact us today. We’re happy to answer any questions and cater to any specific requirements you have.